Steps to integrate nial chatbot in your business


Exploratory stage


We analyze your business to understand how can add value. This involves getting inputs from your functional teams through a questionnaire or an interview and also inputs from multiple layers in the organization to ensure the needs are aligned.We also will take inputs on the type of ERP system you use and the technologies involved


Consultative stage


In this stage we come up with a high level “before” and “after” analysis with clear cut analysis of the value you get from using a conversational chat bot
All the activities until this stage is free


Analysis stage


We would require sample data dumps for the databases which will be used to answer questions from users.We would then use the sample data to come up with a master framework which can understand and respond to all the questions that could be asked by your team members .




Chat bot is trained to the required specifications and data .A demo of your chatbot will be provided to you.



The team members in your organization will be provided access to the chatbot.The chatbot will itself train your team members using “daily tips ” sent to the chat screen of the user on a daily basis. The daily tips the users receive will depend on their function and position within the organization




Support will involve training the bot for new requests that could come up from users