Train your bot

We analyse your business to understand the kind of reporting you would need and will train your bot for you.We already have bots trained for regular questions that might come up

If you need some specific analysis for eg : List open invoices by sales area , we would include them to your bots training data


Ask your questions in plain english. it need not be grammatically correct or of the same words as it was trained for.We use advanced AI text recognition to analyse your questions

The bot would be accessible through telegram / skype / facebook messenger or any other chat program of your choice

Keep track of business

Its important for the Head of businesses to be on top of what is happening with business.Traditional dashboards gives limited information.

Consider you are at a customer meeting and need to quickly check how much sales the client has given for the company in the last year.Just ask away

Our chatbot is accessible through any of the chat platforms 


The chatbot can connect to any of your Enterprise databases